Growing Your Business with Brand Ambassadors

4 Ways Brand Ambassadors Will Enhance Your Business

At this point, we’ve likely all heard of Brand Ambassadors (also know as, Campus Reps). Student Brand Ambassadors serve to promote a brand on their campus and are responsible for spreading the word about the companies they represent. The role of a Brand Ambassador is to be a voice and influencer for your brand or service and to be the walking and talking representation of your brand amongst their student peers.

Here are four ways brand ambassadors help you to build awareness for your brand and grow your business. 


1. Create Brand Authenticity and Trust

According to the *Social Media Revolution, 78% of consumers trust recommendations from their peers before purchasing a product while only a mere 14% rely on advertising. When choosing a brand preference or being introduced to a new product or service, what experience is going to stick with you -- a paid sponsor ad or a friendly peer on campus who is ecstatic about the brand they are representing?  Authentic and genuine recommendations from a real person will not only create brand awareness but will create positive reinforcement for your brand.

2. Increase Social Reach

When you hire a Brand Ambassador, you are tapping into their social media audiences. Brand Ambassadors can create authentic endorsements for your brand, ultimately creating brand awareness through the sharing of posts with their friends across all of their social platforms.  

3. Expand Your Reach

Your brand may be all the rage on the West Coast but you if you asked someone in Iowa if they’ve heard of your product would they stare at you blankly? This is a prime opportunity to hire brand ambassadors! Find influential students at the top universities in the region you are targeting and teach them why your brand rocks. Once they are sold, incentivize them to share the love with their peers on campus. Their word-of-mouth marketing is a positive way to familiarize a new crowd with your brand.

4. Brand Ambassadors are Cost Effective

Brand Ambassadors are a highly valuable and cost effective way to spread your brand’s message. Brand Ambassadors can be offered a wide range of compensation including anything from monthly payments, sales based commission or simply swag hookups and discounted products.

* Source: Social Media Revolution