4 Considerations for Hiring a Superstar Intern


Hiring in general can be a daunting task, but hiring an intern presents a whole new set of challenges. They'll typically have busy schedules due to school and will require training since their experience in the workplace will be minimal. Before pulling the trigger and bringing on an intern, be sure to consider the 4 qualities listed below. If you check yes to all 4, chances are you've found yourself a winner!

1. Cool Factor

This should blatantly obviously, but often gets looked over during the hiring process. Is the intern candidate someone who you could envision yourself kicking back and grabbing a beer with? Are they easy to talk to and pleasant to be around? This person will ultimately be spending time with you and your team. Selecting an individual who meshes well and brings positive energy to the team is essential.

2. Ambition  

The initiative shown during the application process is perhaps more import than the contents on of the resume. Did the applicant show passion in their cover letter and customize it specifically for your company? Did they follow up within a week or two of applying? Did they call into or arrive to the interview on time. These initial interactions are a major indicator of the level of commitment they will dedicate to the position. In addition to the paper qualifications, pay special attention to these often overlooked details.

3. Creativity and Self-Sufficiency  

Technically, college students are adults and we should treat them as such. The point of hiring an intern is to have them play a role in advancing your business. The last thing you want is an intern who needs their hand held. While it is important to give them focused time and training, you want to be able to give them a task and have them run with it independently. To ensure your candidate is capable of this, give them a challenge and make them work for it before hiring them. For example, if your company is looking for a social media intern, ask them to create a social media campaign that will help your page gain more followers. If they can quickly come up with a creative campaign, you may have found your match!

4. Trustworthiness

Integrity cannot be taught, but is absolutely essential to have in the workplace. When selecting and ultimately hiring an intern, always make sure you feel as though you can trust them to make thoughtful and responsible decisions. They will likely be surrounded by confidential information and being able to trust them will allow them to thrive while also keeping your company safe.

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