Ways Millennials are Influencing Office Trends

Motivating Millennials in the Workplace

Millennials are now the largest generation in the workforce and come with different motivations than workers from previous generations. With their unique needs and expectations they have helped to redefine the standard office space. In typical millennial fashion they have broken down the barriers of what a company’s office layout should look like, and have also started multiple trends that modern companies should consider using. Here are 3 millennial-inspired trends that are popularizing the workplace.


Open offices have become a symbol of millennials. The thought of spending 8 hours a day in an enclosed cubicle and not being able to collaborate with their coworkers is enough to drive a Millennial crazy. The young movers and shakers that make up this generation love to be in open spaces. Ditching the cubicles and adopting a community-driven office allows for more collaboration, innovation, and teamwork. However, with a large number of millennials being introverts, it’s important to balance open offices with reserved private spaces when quiet work is desired.


It’s no secret that millennials love to stay in constant communication. In the past, the standard for communication in the workplace has been on a need-to- know basis. This allows only the people at the top to be involved in the decisions and direction of the company. That simply doesn’t sit well with millennials, who value a strong and open two-way communication system.

An example of this system is the insurance firm Acuity, who involves all employees, regardless of position, in the company’s plans. The results speak for themselves, with Acuity repeatedly being named one of the best companies that Millennials can work for.


With most millennials working 40+ hours a week, there has been a shift in work-life balance to work-life integration. Offices are becoming more accommodating in fostering a fun workplace environment. It’s not uncommon to see basketball hoops in an office, a beer cooler in the kitchen, and even community ping pong tables. It’s not just fun and games, either, with a recent study showing that companies who accommodate a level of fun in their office have 15% higher net profits. Implementing a more laid-back atmosphere for your office has been proven to increase productivity and team morale.

Graeson Cook

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