The Benefits of Product Sampling

4 Reasons Why Your Brand Should Be Doing Product Sampling Marketing

1. Builds Consumer Confidence

When consumers are unfamiliar with a new brand, they usually will be fearful about taking a risk about spending their money on a product they may not like. Providing a small sample of the product will allow the consumer to form a cost-free opinion making the more likely to purchase the full size product.

2. Creates a Positive Experience

Organizing product sampling on college campuses or college events can create a big buzz. College students LOVE free stuff! Once the word gets out that freebies are being handed out, the crowds will start forming in no time. By offering college students free product samples, you are allowing them to experience your product. They will form positive associations with your brand, as you are giving them something they like for free. This is a prime opportunity to take advantage of creating relationships with potential consumers.

3. Gives You Instant Feedback

Giving out samples allows the consumer to try the product right in front of the brand ambassador or representative onsite. Having this immediate response to products allows your brand to gain an understanding about what your target audience likes and dislikes.

4. Provides Cost Effective Marketing

Incorporating sampling into your marketing plan is cost-effective because it can help you brand pinpoint mistakes during the promotional phase before the product is launched. Moreover, because product samples are smaller in size, you have the ability to reach a larger demographic for a fraction of the cost.

Looking to setup a product sampling demo for your brand? Let us build an event or experiential marketing strategy for you so you can reach your customers directly and in person.