How to Keep Employees Motivated and Happy

We live in a world where ‘the customer is always right’. Whether one agrees with this or not, it’s apparent that a customer’s happiness has become a chief concern for most businesses. But what about the employees? If a company is trying to make a customer happy, doesn’t it make sense that the people working for the company also be happy? We’ve come up with a list of 3 things that a company should be doing in order to keep office morale high and the employees engaged.

It could be a retreat, a softball game, or even a company bar crawl. Team building exercises are extremely important for a variety of reasons. These exercises encourage communication between all employees, which might not happen in a standard office setting where everyone is scattered. Employees are also able to interact in an informal setting, which directly translates to being more comfortable around each other in the office. This encourages more collaboration and higher engagement within a company.

Everyone likes their hard work to be recognized. This doesn’t have to be strictly monetary recognition, either. There are many ways for a company to acknowledge their employees. A simple face to face ‘thank you’ from a superior goes a long way. Some companies have success with an ‘Employee of the Month’ type recognition program. An interesting new trend is using
social media for an ‘Employee Spotlight’ which is simply posting a picture of the employee with a description of who they are and how they positively impact the company.

Modern companies have begun to let their employees wear whatever they want to work. Many companies are also allowing for telecommuting to allow employees to spend less time at the office or on the road commuting. Businesses are also allowing their employees to take certain breaks, whether it’s for their kid’s theatre play or picking up a relative at an airport. Some of the best ideas are discovered when taking a break for a quick walk or to network with a fellow employee. Allowing your employees certain freedoms directly correlates to more creative and confident results.

Graeson Cook

My name is Graeson Cook and I am a 22 year old currently living in Southern California. After attending school at Oklahoma State University, I began traveling and fell in love with the seasonal job industry. I decided that I wanted to work in places where people go to vacation. Earlier this year, I began working with Lifestylez Productions, a student travel company based in San Clemente, CA. I hope to keep traveling and to continue helping people have trips of a lifetime.